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Affiliate Millionaire Honest Review – Andrew Fox REVEALS ALL!

by Createebiz   ·  7th November 2021   ·  
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Everybody its Andrew Fox now, thank you for watching this short video about affiliate millionaire. It’S a brand new course that I’m releasing on the 23 rd of February and I’m gon na get into that and exactly a wee bit more. But first I would like to speak about sort of the current state of the industry and sort of what happened towards the end of 2009. Now, I’d like to be upfront about things and affiliate publicities, as they killed off in 2009, were quite frankly, rubbish. Email sounds were dying, open rates were dying, seals “d die”, alterations were dying and I got a lot of marketers who were emailing me transmitted Andrew.

I foresee my inventory is totally fried something’s wrong. I don’t know what’s going on, but was sort of spread across the board. What I did was I took a step back. I analyzed a lot of these launchings that had kind of been feeling formerly I’ve been successful now without a doubt, my irrefutable arises were that if you were selling an item between sort of mid fury make to maybe a higher priced anywhere from perhaps $ 500 of The$ 1,500, and if you used a lot of professional video and a really killer, pre-launch content and transitions have effectively very good without a doubt. So I studied that over the last 12 months and that was sort of my conclusive upshots.


So well, that’s out! I’M going to tell you a little bit now about what affiliate millionaire is about and why you should be so excited okay. So what is affiliate millionaire? Why should you be so interested in it? Well, if you actually scroll down this sheet after you know, you’ve watched this video you’ll be able to see you really the irresistible proof of how I’ve sold personally abite just over a couple of million dollars time of affiliate makes alone, including, I conclude three or four Six-Figure affiliate advertisements, so when it comes to email marketing with the affiliate nonsense, you know I pretty much know what I’m doing.

That’S managed to sort of buy me everything I are potentially require the living standards at simply affiliate sell, although so affiliate millionaire, is a step-by-step system that you know is applicable to everybody. Now, clearly, a lot of ups always say like I don’t have a roster. What do I do? Well, I’ve got a section of the course which actually shows you how to build. You know a list via you know.

Different means what has happened as well as Ryan Deiss and may have agreed a bargain where he is contributing his undercover list-building advantages and videos, because they’re very good material, short and sharp-worded to the point, and you know genuinely touched the fingernail on the president. No, I have written down a few memoranda because this course is gon na be pretty big and I’m. So let me just go over. What’S in the course, you know the value of content, there’s gon na be seven DVD modules, okay and each module will have two to four videos on the videos will be a mixture of just just like the course. I’M speaking to you know, schooling like that.

They’Re included with PowerPoint, slips and screen cam video seminars. So it’s a very interactive. You know lines where people will simply set the DVD and laden it up. I can watch it on their computer. You know simply write down everything.


They need actually now. There’S countless seven modules, as I said, watch two to four videos, senility, ours and ours of content, and I have them in the course where I’m gon na just you know, fill it up with sort of filler and fluff. The course is just everything you need step. Like module, one researching groceries that you want to build, listen the ability hungry purchasers; they want to give you money, module two building, your roster module three. I announced connect a tie which is probably a very extensive part, such courses about summit, oh certainly, and bond, where your customers are sort of.

Some of the secrets that I use to you know build such good relationships with my customers to the point where they enjoy coming my emails. But, most importantly, they you know buy a lot of things that I recommend to them. So that’s just there. The first three modules without good of the other modules of talk about pre-launch pages how to get them bonuses, high degree of bonuses and stuff other trash like start period how you should promote a launch daytime? Subject: orders to use string when you should kneel before a launching and substance like that now it’s not just a motorcycle propels.

Okay, it’s about integrated, affiliate market as well. So there’s a some examples of what you can integrate your gives and other people’s. There are things – and you are well aware precisely a lot of cool stuff, so you gon na have a lot of you’re gon na have seven good modules in that, but there’s also a lot of other. You know pretty cool stuff em. We have a million dollar affiliate swipe file.

This is basically about 14 or 15 of my very best publicities and it’s gon na be a big thick file with this size with they’re all the different email publicities. I’Ve carried out now video walkthrough of what was so good about them. A number of Plex closes conversions why they use, and so this section alone is worth the price of the course we’ll get onto the price in a little moment. But the great thing about it is is that an intermediate or advanced purveyor can literally really elevation some of these swipe documents, kiss them in to some of their promotions and get immense ensues. Okay, so that’s pretty massive appreciate.

Now, each module DVD module will also have a printer to handle like a homework sheet, so as parties are going through the course they are very. You know it’s very interactive route, whether they’re reading the course and I’m actually telling them what to do in the video and they’re, like writing things dying, so that helps to interact with it. You know improve the customer experience of the product, so they you know genuinely loved it and like it, and apparently that does help the lower indemnity charges, which is something affection, is important to be aware. There’S likewise other nonsense that I’m, including, like customize, pre-launch templates and likewise pinch sheet templates. So what I’m trying to do here is what I’m telling people is: I’m not only just gon na give them the system, but I’m too gon na give them the tools that they need, and you know to get started, so everything is included in it.

So, that’s just you know some of the things for having it we’re. Too gon na in clay. There’S some bonuses coming up to the launch like simply to get actually people you know certainly webbed up is the JV swipe file. All the emails that I sent to different our JV marriages come through here your Clickbank quantum launch, which made about 1.3 million dollars, developed of marketings.


In fact, we actually produced six hundred and thirteen thousand dollars gross sales on launching period and the server was done for the first twelve hours. So if we’d, actually, you know, have the server up for the first twelve hours, I is no question that we would have done over a million dollars. So that’s a pretty good bonus on its own now. There’S other bonuses that I have in mind, such as interviews with some real affiliate experts, such as Talman Knudsen, on other guys, again, it’s just to add value to the course it’s gon na, be you know a really good good. You know make as well as that it is gon na be a physical route, so it’s gon na be dumped on your doorstep now, because I truly want to enhance the user experience.

That’S why I’ve decided not to go digital. Arnold

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