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Amazon PPC Launched Step-by-Step Tutorial On How to Rank On Page 1

by Createebiz   ·  23rd June 2020   ·  
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Amazon PPC has been Launched and here are Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to Rank on page 1.

look I know what some people are saying when they look at successful Amazon launches. It’s great you can rank with all these elaborate strategies with the audiences you’ve built up over years and other complicated stuff I just can’t wrap my head around. Well last week I decided to do a PPC only launch. That’s right no fancy tricks nothing special just Amazon pay-per-click with a great results. So, today I will go over how I did this, ranking in 78 keywords in the top 10 in less than a week. Here we go, I’ve built and led multiple seven-figure amazon brains. Now I’m setting out to share how I did it with radically transparent in detail. Okay guys so again today is all about looking at a launch I just did last week using pay per click only, which ultimately resulted in the listing ranking in top 10. With 78 keywords again all in seven days. Before I get into that though I think it’s important to look at a couple of variables that I think are important for this launch to use pay per click. The first is that it’s not a highly competitive product. This is actually an accessory to a product. This is good for low-competitive products not for hyper-competitive products. A category that is a lot deeper in terms of competition will be very difficult to use pay per click only and you’re likely going to need to use additional tools which are outside the scope of this tutorial. The second caveat is really a good offer for any product that you decide to rank on Amazon, whether it’s pay-per-click or a variety of other strategies. Your offers got to be good for a customer to buy this. Again you’ve got to answer that question and you can’t have crappy photos or a crappy price. You’ve got to have some form of different creation all those elements are critical in order to make a product ranked on Amazon especially using pay-per-click only. Do a quick look at the seven day spread on what this looked like starting with day one, you’ll see we came right out the gate. Again highly optimized listing and use a couple of key focus strategies that I’ll get into later on in this tutorial for Amazon PPC Launched Step-by-Step Tutorial On How to Rank On Page 1.

As you can see above within the first day we already had nine keywords in the top ten just shy of a four thousand in monthly search volume and you can kind of just see as day two, day three, day four we’re starting to get over sixty keywords. On day six we start to get into 70 and then ultimately it culminates in day seven where you see that we attained 78 keywords in the top ten just about thirty four thousand in monthly searches as well as three hundred and thirteen keywords in the top fifty. Resulting in over a hundred thousand monthly keyword searches for that suite of keywords. This is really deep early stage keyword optimization and organic ranking across the board. Next on Amazon PPC Launched Step-by-Step Tutorial On How to Rank On Page 1.

Strategy #1 – Analyzing Competitors Keywords

Part one of the process for pay-per-click ranking is literally spending a day deep diving on keywords of your competitors. My tool of choice for keyword research is helium 10. You can purchase this with a small discount if you don’t have it yet. The approach is pretty simple. It’s taking ten to twenty keywords that are very similar to yours or very successful in the niche category or keywords that you’re looking to target. In finding out where are they actually getting their organic ranking. From my search criteria is looking at anything more than 100 keywords a month or more and it’s looking for positions where they’re ranked organically thirty or better. Which basically I will be trying to find out where they appear on the front page. For keywords over a hundred a month when you do that scrub and you kind of chop up the data a little bit you get something that looks good. I’m looking at 10 competitors I want to find out all the keywords over 100 searches a month where at least 40% of them in this case are ranked in that in that top 30 organic. From this i can see all of these keywords that my competitors in this category at least 40% of them are ranking. Next on Amazon PPC Launched Step-by-Step Tutorial On How to Rank On Page 1.

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Strategy #2 – Analyzing Top 30 ASIN

The second part of keyword research in this analysis is to look at how the Alpha ASIN is doing. Those are the top dog that’s bringing in the most revenue a month. That’s bringing in the most sales and that has the most keyword organic ranking. And of all ASIN in the category for this analysis it’s very similar I’m gonna look at the the top 30 or better positions where they’re ranked for keywords of 100 searches or more. We will look well who is the best and you’re going to find a lot more keywords for the people that are really really good that you may not have uncovered in that top 40 percent keywords I talked about before. Pay attention to Search Volume and Position Rank. So, with those two pieces of information you will find keywords that are successful. Remove duplicate keywords so that we don’t have any of the same keyword twice and then save that into a master list of keywords ready for pay-per-click ranking. Note that it is all about taking relevant keywords all the keywords that I know that the top Competitors are doing and I manually exact targeting campaign on those as well as looking at product targeting and finding the top ten competitors keywords in advertising on those Asin. So, that when people are shopping on their listing they see my listing as well. This helps you to avoid getting click through but certainly not getting the sales for your campaigns. So it is possible without a lot of fancy tricks with relatively low competition niches to rank using pay per click. But you’ve got to have a great offer you get to be super smart about analyzing your competitor keywords and you’ve got to deploy your pay-per-click campaigns and be very targeted to ensure that the words that you want to get ranked for customers to see. This is the end on Amazon PPC Launched Step-by-Step Tutorial On How to Rank On Page 1.

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