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Breakout Trading Strategy

by Createebiz   ·  4th October 2021   ·  
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So all right, let’s get started here – okay, so what kind of breakouts are there? What things can break out? What what techniques can break out? Okay, news range support resistance, okay candle patterns supply and demand; okay, very similar to support resistance, but okay supply and demand and fib levels. Okay.

Now, if we are looking at this list for looking at this list, isn’t that practically everything in the market? That’S practically the whole market like oh, so, basically, trading, a breakout is not a specific thing. Breakouts is a specific style. Okay, there is no oh this time. We’Re gon na do something else and that time we’re gon na do breakouts know you can do a breakout at any time.

It depends how you are you targeted and how you approach it: okay, so breakouts, let’s start from the very beginning and we’ll start from there. Okay, now the news breakout there are the most deadliest ones and the most dangerous ones: okay, because the news breakouts can whips off. Okay does that? Does that make sense? How many of you guys here trade news, breakouts, twice me: okay, okay, too dangerous and never again.

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Okay, good good, good, good, okay and trading, a breakout for the sake of a breakout is simply telling the market you are unaware which direction and Mark is gon na. Go. Give me something and I’ll trade that way. Okay and then a million strategies around it have been developed, but no understanding of what a breakout really is so we’re gon na go into that deep. Today, okay, we’re gon na go deep into that.

We’Re going to uncover that myth and everything we’re all this trading strategies out there. That’S like a whole breakout strategy is just useless because this, my friends, is a breakout right when the markets go above this line, everyone is hitting a buy. Okay, everyone’s hitting a Buy and what happens to their bodies, they get killed right. They get killed. So when you, when you look at situations like this all breakouts and stuff like that, can be very dangerous.

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Now take a look at this one. That’S a breakout right! So, let’s go through all the breakout strategies that you can think of. We r gon na go one by one. Okay, breakout strategy number one.

If it breaks below hit the cell, that guy loses breakout strategy number two. If it breaks below, let it pull back and hold below that same support resistance, and then you hit the cell okay, here’s the cell afterwards, there meander meander, meander, stop-loss, okay and then we’re looking at a whole bunch of things like. Oh well. If you have a breakout, put your stop-loss up on this this this area up here and that’s when we say: go home: okay, that’s when we say go because if you’re trading with the stop-loss that big, what’s the point right, which time frame is this, let me Open this up here, this is on the 15-minute chart that I’m looking at here, yeah, you guys, can see it on the left. Now here, zero USD on the 15 minute time frame.

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Okay ranges ranges. Can everyone tell me that this is a range? Is this? True? Is that a range yeah?

Okay? What if I do this okay, you guys see that market there. Now at that point, did you know it was arranged? No, would you know to sell once the market gets up to this area? No, okay!


But what happens when the range develops? At? What point do you notice? The range is developing. Okay.

Let’S move this forward move this forward. Market gets up to here very, very strong, we’re still unaware. There’S a range situation here: okay, Lina’s, no higher highs, no lower lows. Excellent excellent, but we need that data first to say it’s a range. We can’t just declare it a range yet right, yeah for touches basically excellent figure, Philip and Eddie.

Okay, and then the market comes back down and right around the base. It starts to react. Now. Take a look at this first one here when this green candle shows up where my arrow is the. Can everyone hear me just fine yeah?

Okay? So let’s keep let’s keep going. Okay at this point where the green candle just pops right up, really really strong there. Wouldn’T that person be like hmm, the range is right: there, that’s the range and then a buy might be hit right there. Thinking that we’re on the fourth touch I can see there was no higher high.

I can see the markets struggling to come down to make a lower low and then that green candle comes and I’m like. Yes, it’s a my what happens to that body. Okay, the buyer gets the bike. It’S cut. Right gets topped up, stop down yeah all right, then the market proceeds to go long and long and long.


The whole thing has left now, you’re sitting there waiting for a breakout, but no breakout to understand at what point do I get in at what point can I get in and how do I trade this range thing? If there is a range? How do I trade it? You know, because once I get this fourth point down here, then my mind is stuck to arrange and I’m expecting to sell from here, because that’s the fifth touch. So if that’s the fifth touch, I’m looking at selling that thing well, what happens to that sell also out too late right, so understanding the market, like, I always teach you guys in all my webinars is reading.

The market is where it all makes a difference. Okay and then you can incorporate the secondary stuff, is: what’s your edge, your edge meaning? Are you a trend, pullback trader or your range trader? Are you a breakout trader and all that stuff? Okay, so we’re just identifying the scenarios right now once we identify them, then we’re going to go into what and the house in a bit okay.

So can anyone relate to this? You guys can all relate to this, that there is uncertainty in figuring out when the right moment is right. Okay, so let’s move further. Let’S move further, let’s open this up more okay! Now, let’s dig deeper into this now.

First of all, understanding logic of support occurs. Resistance – let’s go into that! Do you guys were here last webinar put a 1 okay, we went through supporter, equals resistance, last webinar, okay, and for those of you who do not know it most likely. If you’re watching this recording, there will be a link somewhere showing up on the recording or it’s going to be in the description all right. Okay, take a look at this one right here.


If I draw this, as my support is that correct? No because that’s not the place where the market held yeah, that’s not the place where the market held. Take a look at this price right here, where the market kept coming down to moving away from down to probed out and held on the upper side of it, which means this is just a tail. It looks like a candle got through, but it didn’t on a higher time frame. It would look like this, but if I go down to a lower timeframe I’ll see all of these tails filled up like a candle.

Is that correct? You guys? You guys understand that logic. It’S exactly what you see right here. This right here is nothing but a tail, but on this time frame it looks like there’s two candles that got out clear.

So keep an eye out for these things, because we’re gon na use these things as a understanding of what is going on all right. So if I put my line back to where it’s supposed to be – and I say – okay – well – I didn’t make a higher high. Okay, okay, I’m gon na go through it one more time. It looks like there was some confusion there when the market goes through your support resistance, but comes right back that down. There is just a tail if you go up a higher time frame.

It looks like this: you see these tails. If you see these tails, how would you draw your support? Would you draw your support here? The price is holding here or would you draw your support here? Oh price is holding here.

If you draw it down here, what’s going to happen, is you don’t see that price got rejected and resumed from this area? This is a rejection area. Price keeps getting knocked back. That means this price is not wanted. If I go to a lower time frame on the five-minute or the one-minute this, this tail that you see is going to be full of candles, but in reality nothing happened there.


The market went there and came right back, make sense all right. So Chris there’s a question so on minor support resistance, putting down two lines. Four areas are unnecessary: yes for minor ones, that’s correct, okay, so keeping a close eye on how quickly the market went out and came back like this. Take a look at this one. That is your resistance right there, the price went above, but he came right back down quickly.

That’S your resistance! Okay! It’S not up here! Okay, so you’ll get the hang of when you play around like this, you get the hang of seeing the higher time frame and the lower time from all in one picture, it’s like seeing the universe above and below on one screen, okay, so moving back to moving Back to this area here, so we got a resistance up here holding and then we got our support or like it’s not here it’s here, I’m going to extend this out, so I’m gon na extend this out using dick DeRay. So I have an idea in case.

I don’t see the future and it gets extended out all the way to the right, so I use the Ray to extend it out and then the price starts coming down and down and down and down. Not at what point do I start thinking that this could be a range when I have this when I have that when I have this, is it at that point? I start thinking. Okay, we got three, no higher highs, no lower lows and for some reason this price keeps respecting this resistance again and again and again, because it moved away from this resistance. But this time is coming in for the fourth touch and we’re like what.

If this support or previous resistance, reactivates okay, so instead of putting our focus on in trading the breakout here, which is getting into the game very, very, very, very, very late, we need to put all of our attention and putting a little bit of homework and focusing On grabbing the move, does that make sense? Let me restart the audio. Maybe it looks like it’s going in and out for many of you guys, alright. Is that better, okay yeah, it may cut a little bit sometimes just bear with me. If there’s something you want me to repeat just, let me know okay, so the market then pulls back and pulls back and pulls back and, as we discussed in some of the previous webinars is when the markets are pulling back like that.


That’S a hint because you’re, comparing this downtrend to the previous uptrend how’s the downtrend compared to this uptrend here, slow right! So if it’s slow, weak and choppy our slower okay good! Now, let’s, let’s still take a step back and think. How is this uptrend compared to the downtrend here, how’s that uptrend, strong okay and then how is this uptrend here, yeah, strong and also fast, that’s correct. It’S also strong right, but now answer this question.

If it’s also strong, why did he not break this resistance? That means someone up. There is knocking it down, not enough force yeah some some price up there, there’s silks yeah, exactly they’re. Still sellers up there they’re still waiting to hit the market back down. So when you see the stuff coming down, you can see it’s weak, but you’re like well.

It’S got three touches. It didn’t make a higher high. That means sellers have some power. You can’t expect it to hit it Midway, but you might want to wait for it to get to the edge okay, but while waiting for the edge you’re. Looking for at what point do the sellers die at what point to the sellers dive?

So here is a sell. The first we’re going to go through piece by piece. Look, look at it very carefully: here’s the first seller and then the green candles come in to retrace how much retracement 50 %. Okay, then the next sellers come in. How much retracement 70 % okay is 70 percent, 100 %.


No 70 is 70. That means sellers are still there hang in there. Then the sellers come in down to here and then we get a retracement. What kind of retracement is that fifty percent? Okay, then, the sellers try again so notice what happened from before from 70 percent retracement to now 50 percent retracement.

What does that tell you about the sellers? They’Re dying, no there’s the opposite: they went from 70 percent retracement down to 50 percent retracement they’re gaining momentum. They’Re building up our look at the previous seller’s movement that little and the retracement very deep look at the next movement from there all the way down to here and then like a 30 percent or 25 percent retracement there or 40 percent outs. Actually so they’re gaining momentum now it still doesn’t mean they’ve covered everything, yet they’re still running now. Now that they’re running, let’s not forget the story.

What happened here? What happened here? What is that red candle that came out and then it got smacked back yeah? It’S called a probe, a fake out right. This tells you just like we did the prejudiced nests up here saying that okay, I got the idea that I know the buyers are strong, but something up here knocks it down.

I get that the buyers are strong and something up here or something whenever the sellers come here gets knocked back well, if the sellers are in control, we want to see if that something is alive. So as this comes to here, what happens here when this last seller comes in and then that big green candle comes buyers are coming, yeah buyers wake up they’re alive. Now those are the first traders. The first traders get stopped out because the only thing to make money in this world is patience without patience is just lost in every aspects of life, from money to relationships to even spirituality. Without patience, it is just a loss.

Okay, first traders get in there get crucified. Okay, what happens after the first traders get in the reaction comes back. What happens to this? What happens to this seller? How far does he get okay?

How far does he get yeah he gets now. This is a 15 minute candle. Let’S say that candle opened up and it’s eight minutes into the candle. Wouldn’T this be a full red bar. Do you guys agree or not?

You didn’t let the candle close only eight minutes into it. It’S a full red bar and now in the full red bar all the breakout traders are like bloody hell, sell this sell it without understanding what is actually happening is that right? How many of you guys have have felt in that trap? I’Ve been screwed over by these big boys by you know, moving them markets like this right. It happens to a lot of us.

It used to happen to me all the time I used to get sucked in. I was like man. I must have really bad luck. Man I keep getting stopped out and I know it’s a long because every time I look at the market 10 hours later, like dude, it went up. Why did I get stopped out yeah?

So, just imagine if you, if you know this knowledge now and going forward into training, you know going into the next week or the next month, if you’re doing trading like this, and you have an idea of, I know what they’re trying to do. Imagine how your trading will be different. Imagine how much less losses will you have and how much more profit can you gain knowing this information, because now you don’t have to wait for your trade up here, but in fact, you’re waiting for it down here with a better entry, better exit because you’re in Much earlier and you get to see, am I going to break through this? If I don’t pull at that stage, I’m going to move my stop losses to zero and I will figure it out at that point. Once I see the market reaction, the same way that I did going downtrend, I will do the same way going up trend yeah.

Everyone with me who’s with me, yeah just checking if anyone’s sleeping, ok, so there’s four people, not sleeping okay, good good good. They are all there all right. So when you see this, when you see the spike out happening okay, how can you tell there when there are going to be additional reaction? Okay, so the first signs are something like this: when you see buyer stepping back in, you always need a test. You always need a test.

Okay. Now there are times when the market will just run away. If the market just runs away, there’s not much. You can do like, for example, here let’s say you’re waiting for a hundred percent retracement, but the hundred percent retracement never happens, but you see a probe happen and the mark is holding next to the probe. That is also assigned to hit okay, all right.

So when this happened is a hundred percent retracement following one hundred percent retracement we’re like okay, we’re aware of this area, but we’re aware that the sellers were dominant earlier and this area reacts once this area reacts you’re waiting for the last push down that holds once The last push down tries to break below think in your brain in this way that someone is selling at this stage. Someone is selling without the idea that the buyers are very, very strong. Someone is selling without doing the research that look at this buyer. Someone is selling with the idea without doing the research that look at this buyer. Someone is selling without the idea that this price down here is a hardcore reaction price and when that person that someone sells and they get a stop out it’s time to trade, because you were patient, you entered second and when you enter after all.

The mistakes have happened, then you get to ride the profits. Okay, there’s no v-formation for a cell cell from where Lina’s Surya Kanta. How long to wait! If you’re in the bye you mean how long do you want to wait? Well, once you’re in the trade you’re going to have to write it all the way to the top of the range is where you make your next decision on the top of the range.


Okay. Look how strong the green candles are afterwards once the green candles are very, very strong. You know your buyer is back, but the buyer keeps getting smacked down again and again again, so you are watching this area very carefully and at this point you do your money management. You either close half of your trade or you close half and move your stop-loss to zero, and you take a risk with the other half to do a possibility of all of this right. So, just a little bit of knowledge will will keep you away from buying up here and it will keep you away from a loss of selling down here.

Does that make sense? This is a very common problem. Everyone who comes to forex watchers get stuck in this little vibe of just getting trapped into selling trapped into buying or buying very, very late or selling very very late, yeah. Okay, this time of day also important, especially for fake breakouts parish. No, no, the time of day will automatically fit in if there is a range and everything and there’s a breakout of happening, the breakouts happening because the markets are active so generally you’re going to be in a hot session when the breakout happens.

Okay, Chris sayers, I’m concerned about the fourth touch. How can you tell when all tests will end and we’ll go along? Okay? So how many you guys have a similar question to that, where we, you guys, want to recap this area again, the fourth area: okay, we’re going to go through the fourth area very in detail again and we’re gon na I’m going to change the language a bit. So it can make a little bit more sense.

All right! I want you guys to think as once three touches happen right. Here’S touch number one. Sorry, here’s touch number one did you do hairs touch number, I’m just gon na circle. It here’s touch number two.

Here’S touch number three right up until here. You guys are all with me and I think you guys all got that it’s a simple three touches no higher highs and one low okay. Now the fourth touch is coming in you’re. Thinking that you need to buy soon. As it gets down to there forget to buy, I want you to start thinking like a seller, just forget to buy think like a seller, so you’re this big seller top dog from up here.

You started this game right there you’re like. Let’S do this come on boys, let’s sell the sell, kicks off, sell kicks off and you get a reaction back from the buyers. You’Re like. Ah damn you buyers, sell kicks off. Again.

Buyers react again at this stage, you’re starting to be like well, what’s wrong. With myself, why isn’t it going you’re starting to worry that my cell is not gon na make it, but then this happens he goes down further and then once he goes down further, what’s in your mind for that cell, if he goes down further, what are you Thinking as a seller, yes still going, keep it it’s gon na go forever. The seller has not quit because now he’s just got that little drug of hold it hold it hold it. What happens afterwards? He retraces a bit 40 %, he’s not worried.

He is holding it because his mind is trained to hold it now, because he just got the whiff of winning goes down. Further reacts he’s like huh, it’s taken. Some time goes down a little bit more, no lower low, a full reaction. Okay, now flow reaction. He’S now thinking should I exit this.

What’S going on, remember just like the winning traders have to trade. Second, the losing trader does not give up his trade until he actually loses. Will you guys remember that sentence the same way? A losing trader will not lose his trade until he actually starts to lose okay. So when this bikes comes in right here, he still feels he’s a winner.

He still feels he’s a winner. It hasn’t gone much, but when the cell comes down again – and he gets down to this far and he’s rejoicing like oh hell – yeah we’re breaking out we’re gon na make new lows. It snaps back up really hard. That’S gon na get him concerned when it comes down again, no lows again now this is the third fourth time no lows and it snaps back up up to there at this point, he’s going to get rid of his position so any trades that you activate as A buy in this circle of reference gets you in a winning state of mentality, because the trades gon na go the sellers are looking to quit. So to be a buyer, you must get in the mindset of a seller and find out.

When is he gon na? Give up and throw in the white towel does that make sense so put yourself in the situation as a seller and think psychologically at what point will I still hold on at what point was I still hold on at? What point will I still hold on and at what point will I quit? Okay and don’t forget, people are stubborn if they’re in a cell they’re going to hold that cell for a bit they’re stubborn. So you have to wait for that secondary push down.

Okay, so hopefully that explains the fourth touch all right and then the buyers come in and then they take the market long and we’re not going to go into. How do you learn how to hold on and stuff like that, so we’re going to discuss that and probably another webinar or her or any webinar discussion like that? So now, what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na change the breakout in a different way. Now this time I’m gon na test, you guys it’s going to be a little bit more difficult, but I’m going to test you guys to see. How far did you guys pick up this stuff yeah, you guys ready to get ready to do a little exercise.

Yeah. Okay, so let’s do this. Breakouts can also happen from trend lines right. Would you guys agree that this is a trend line here? If I draw it like that?

Okay, so if I draw my trendline like that or like that, to be precise, my breakouts start happening here. Okay, my breakout starts happening here. So let’s work through this. Can I just hit the bye right then, when the breakout happens? No right so now you guys know you can’t you can’t just immediately enter, but even if you wait for the retest, the retest can still spike down or even make a whole new downtrend.

Okay. What? If I do this just to make things a little bit more difficult, you know the more difficult things are, the more you guys will think. So. That’S good here, I’m gon na make the trendline hardcore like that.

That’S a trendline! If you don’t see, that’s a trendline, but let me do this. This is what day is this 923 right? Do you guys think that’s an aggressive trendline! That’S too strong!

It’S too strong right, the trendline! Okay! Let me do this now watch carefully. What, if I go down, what day is this again 923? Let me go down to the five minutes I’m gon na go to how do you change the date command G, no where’s!

The date. Okay, anyways go to date. 23Rd. Okay, we’re here now! Does this look an aggressive trendline, or does this look like a normal trend line there you go there, you go so what is aggressive to you might not mean aggressive to somebody else.

Remember that what you see is not the final answer. Okay, so there is someone trading that breakout yeah, so a time frame, it’s not this time frame. It also depends on person’s perception. It’S one person’s perception against the next person’s perception. That’S why trading is just so random like that?

It’S just what I see doesn’t necessarily mean what is true, but the only way to trade in a absolute perfect way is to get in the rhythm of what’s happening. What’S happening, what’s happening? Okay, so let’s just look at this okay, so would you say this trend line is drawn like pretty much accurately like that and the breakouts start getting poked in this area like they’re, just starting to mess with it right there? Okay, so who wants to practice this one? Who wants to give this a shot?

I need ten. Ten volunteers, at least is a. Is a conference room still running yeah, okay and okay? Actually, we can make it, as many of you guys want to to practice this. We’Re going to start from the top and you guys will just type it in and what you see and we’re going to go piece by piece: okay and the more you verbalize or you, and if you’re at home, you don’t wan na type.

You want to say this out loud saying it out loud will actually help. You understand the situation, much better, speak it out, speak it out, verbalize it okay. So what’s the question will will go who’s, go into the question right now we’re gon na find out. If this breakout trade is a trade to be traded, okay, so we’re going to learn how to look at the trendline and we don’t just see a trend line broke, let’s buy, buy, buy, buy, buy we’re going to understand. Should I be buying this to begin with right, cuz in breakout terminology, that’s a buy and of story because they’re, very technical there, one two three execute one.

Two three execute, but one two three execute also means one two, three execution you’re dead. You need to do a little bit more homework. Okay, so let’s do it! Let’S do that homework together. So I’m going to show you how easy it is if you, if you work on it together with everybody all right, so, let’s start from the top markets are going down.

Okay, what do you guys when it goes down? How do you see the retracement of the sellers think you’re a seller you’re that seller all ten of you guys who are volunteering you’re, that seller okay, fast house, retracement, 50 %? Are you confident and holding your position? Yes or no? Yes, you’re still confident markets move down makes a bit of a lower low, but it comes right back looking at the way.

The green candles are coming right back. Are you confident to hold your position? Yes or no? Yes, you guys are still sellers. You get all the way down to here and then you got a retracement.

Are you confidence now and tell me if your confidence just increased or not more confident, and then the price gets all the way down to here and then it retraces tell me about your confidence now still confident still there and now the breakout happened. Do you think that seller quit so those of you who trade this breakout for a buy? Will this trade work now? This was destined to fail to begin with? Okay, so does everyone start to understand that breakouts are a fantastic thing to trade, but it’s a style of trading.

It is not an understanding of the market yeah. Okay, so if we say sellers, probably not trading on the five-minute chart and higher timeframe, buyers won’t look as so strong. Whatever timeframe you look at the sauce, the story still remains the same. This is all the receipts of everyone who’s sold into this transaction. This is a receipt, it’s historical proof of what has happened right.

Its transaction is a receipt. Each candle is a receipt. Okay seller has lots of pips in pocket, so they wait for some time for sure yeah. You got ta think and they’re and they’re aggressive too right they’re not looking to to get rid of this position anytime soon they have to be in a loss a little bit and then they’re gon na be like, oh my god. Oh my god.

Let me hold it for a little bit longer. Then they quit, they don’t quit at the first sign of a loss yeah, the seller are still dominating so once the seller’s still dominate. What’S the right way to look at a breakout now for a sell side or the buy side? If I’m still on this chart – and I see sellers are still country in control which breakout do I want to work with there, you go there, you go, you guys are picking up quick. Look at this, I’m more interested in finding out.

When is this sucker gon na break? Is that correct? That’S where the real money is because now I figured out the answer and now my answer is flip sided and it’s saying: okay, let whoever wants to buy, buy it. I’M gon na take their money afterwards, I’m gon na give them to give them their turn. It’S okay, let them go first I’ll, be patient and I’ll wait for my turn.

Okay, is everyone with me? So far, no heed. All I said was knowing that the sellers are still strong. I’M gon na look to see when the buyers quit, so I can resume the strong, strong sell. Okay.

So as this brick, this uptrend is resuming those okay, ten volunteers again to look at this, and those of you who are not like feeling like typing, say it out loud behind your screen. Talk it out, walk with me. What’S going on with this uptrend you’re that buyer, what happens when this buy pulls back like that? Fifty percent? Are you still confident?

Okay, still confident market moves a little bit higher, but the retracement doesn’t show any signs. Are you still confident, then? Then you see a massive red candle coming out this low, but then he you’re, like, oh my god – oh my god – oh my god still holding. But oh my god – oh my god, oh my god, but then the candle closes green. Are you still holding you’re still at it?


Then the market pushes up a little bit again, no highs. Are you still holding yeah? You get a relief when, when you saw that big wick on the bottom, a big tail sorry you’re still holding and then the market pulls back here, it’s a hundred percent pullback from the previous one, but it’s still an overall, very strong up at this point. You’Re, like oh, my god, the sellers a little bit strong, but when you still hold yeah, you guys review. If you want to sell you have to be the buyer, you got to think like that.

That’S probably like the quickest hack. I get my my traders to do. You want to sell things like a buyer. Okay, yeah chan, very good, but the hundred percent pullback is creating panic already yeah, it’s not just a panic of a the pullback. That’S so deep!

It’S the speed that it came down. It took you so long to get up here, but then so quickly. You saw that when you were in profit of seven thousand dollars, it suddenly became six thousand in one three Katan in three little candles immediately. It took away a thousand dollars extra and you’re, like alright at least go back to seven thousand at least go back to seven thousand right. Isn’T that what most traders think they’re they’re like forget the chart?

Let me go back to the same number. I was at yeah, let’s go back to the same number and I’ll close. I promise I’ll close it at that number. They start bargaining with life, so this is very, very common. They just start looking at that number.

I want to go back to that number. At least so it’s very psychological yeah and we’ve all done I’ve done it too. I used to do that a lot I used to do it all the time and that really messes you up because you’re not looking at the chart you’re just looking at your account balance. Yeah there you go there, you go so okay. So what happens to that seller once that seller gets crushed here, the the seller comes in and the buyer is starting to panic and he starts to go up again.

What’S happening to that, to that buyer is he still there he’s still holding as I go, yeah they’re still hope, they’re still hope, and then this happens. It’S like, oh, my god. Oh my god, oh my god, yeah loss possibly coming down to a stop loss. If they’ve moved their stop-loss higher, it’s coming there they’re looking at this area like I’m gon na die, I’m gon na die, I’m gon na die and they start executing all sorts of closings either here sorry wrong wrong. One either here the panic, clothes here: panic, clothes here, panic, clothes or if there’s a bargaining type of people come on, come on, go back to this price and I’ll close it come on, come on, come on, they start becoming cheerleaders.

The pom-poms come out like come on baby we’re going back. Okay, so there’s two types, one is fear fearful. The other type is greedy, all right so and then you see your sports team go back to profit and you’re like yeah we’re getting up there again and you’re now, looking to possibly exit. Now, when do you exit when the green candle is this high, when the green candle is that high? Are you exiting, but what happens when you see that green candle and it makes a new high?

No one exits, no one exits at that point. You got another exactly you got another hope you, like you know what I’m gon na make a lot of money from this. I’M just gon na hold fun, but the moment you see that red candle right after it slammed down like boom you’re like okay, okay, okay, sorry and you close it. This is the point of the psychological process of that seller, of that buyer. Sorry and you’re, like okay, screw this, and then you go rejoice or whatever you have to do, because you have some profit.

What happens to all those breakout sellers? What happens to them? It almost looks like the trade just went up to stop them out to them. That’S what it looks like I got stopped haunted damn effing broker they’re, always after me, and then let me just email Navin and ask him what broker he uses. I’M sure you guys, like 30 emails a day I get about brokers, so this happens quite often yeah.

It happens a lot. It happens a lot so because this is a common problem. It’S a common problem. So so all the breakout traders are looking to sell at this stage because they’re not selling anywhere up here, they’re, not anticipating the cell they’re settling after the cell, starts to happen so they’re selling, very, very late and then any point that it goes up. It’S a stop loss, so that’s one thing: the next thing is those of you who notice this.

The thing that gave the buyers hope is an important price to remember, because now did you guys notice, no higher high, no higher high, no higher high? Did you guys also notice, no lower low, no lower low, no lower low and a probe that low never happened, but in this process, when you read the entire story from this range, you know exactly around this stage here you can execute your cells because you know Big Daddy those 10 people in this conference room still have the money to sell, they’re ready to go and the buyers just quit. It’S our turn. It’S our time we’re going to make it yeah again and Krista. That’S absolutely perfect!

When you don’t have money on the line, all this you can observe when you have money on the line. The moment you open a trade in a buy, for example, you don’t see anything but a buy. If you open a sell, you don’t see anything but a sell. Your mind goes blank because that’s what happen when a trade runs you need to you guys need to practice. Dealing with that.

Meditation is very good for stuff, like that learning to step away from the screen and taking a break talking with people and discussing all the stuff and be like okay. How do I deal with this getting in a community to deal with stuff like that? You can’t just fix it just by thinking about it. You have to talk about it. You have to you know, deal with your fellow traders who have the same problem.

You have to talk to people who’ve gone through it already and be like. How did you do it? What is your hack and then see if it works for you if it doesn’t reach out to another person? What did you do? Let me see what what had what works for you.

Let me try that, isn’t that right, isn’t that why a lot of you guys are here at my webinar, you want to see like okay, let’s see what he has to teach. Let me see if it’s useful. For me, the brain is constantly looking for information and when you find good information, you’re like I can use that so learning is not necessarily a bad thing right. So how many guys feel you guys learn something here today, yeah and how many you guys at this point are gon na promise me that going forward, you guys, will make the changes necessary to not be that first person to get trapped say I promise yeah. Do not get stuck into this!

Do not get stuck into this. You know sudden movement and impulse thinking alright, alright guys, so today we’re gon na we going to wrap it up now and those of you guys who have already received emails for Forex watchers. It’S the end of the month. We have opened up some memberships. There was an early bird special.

I think that went out yesterday and those of you who could not join there is the discount today going out for 25 %. Now we don’t have the early bird going coming in anymore at 35 % now it’s available for 25 %, so first-come first-serve, and I look forward to seeing all of you guys in there remember if you guys think I made a change for you guys in this One webinar here imagine what a community full of traders like this can do for you. So looking forward to seeing many of you guys at forex watchers, this will be on YouTube. This will be on YouTube. So look out for the emails for recordings.

Look up for the emails for the coupon to join Forex watchers as well. Thank you all for being here until next time. I will see you guys in a few weeks I will be in Japan next month for those of you who were in San Diego and send an email. I’M sorry I couldn’t meet, you guys was very busy in San Diego but Japan. I have started to receive some emails.

If there’s more, let me know we will meet. Take care guys have a good one bye for now.

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