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Make $39 In FREE Bitcoin Every 12 Hours!

by Createebiz   ·  2nd May 2022   ·  
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It’s no secret that the world of cryptocurrency is red hot right now. And while many investors are drawn to the CryptoCurrency because of the skyrocketing value of Bitcoin, there are plenty of other lesser-known cryptocurrencies that can provide you with a steady stream of passive income. So, if you’re ready to take the leap into the world of Crypto but aren’t sure where to start, keep reading.

We’ll show you how to make $39 in FREE Bitcoin every 12 hours by signing up with one of the many available Bitcoin faucets. The best part? This passive income opportunity doesn’t require any special skills or technical knowledge. All you have to do is take advantage of one of these free money apps, and you’ll be well on your way to making a solid income.

Make $39 In FREE Bitcoin Every 12 Hours!

What Is A Bitcoin Faucet?

A Bitcoin Faucet is a website that gives away free Bitcoin in return for visiting the site and completing simple tasks like viewing ads, watching videos, or even entering a captcha. The terms of the giveaway vary depending on the faucet, but most will give away at least a few Satoshis (0.00000001 BTC) every few hours. That’s it, really.

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Nothing more than that. You don’t even have to use a specific Bitcoin app to claim the free Bitcoin because most faucets let you claim your coins using a variety of different cryptocurrency apps like Coinbase and My Wallet.

How to Make $39 In FREE Bitcoin Every 12 Hours

Now you’re ready to start making some money! To start, you’ll want to join one of the many Bitcoin faucet apps that are currently available. As mentioned above, there are dozens of Bitcoin faucet apps, but the two most popular are BitCoinFaucet and Once you’ve downloaded either of these apps, start collecting as many Satoshis as possible while browsing the web.

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Next, you’ll want to sign into whichever Bitcoin app you’ve downloaded. Here, you’ll want to make use of their breadcrumb feature. Every faucet app has a breadcrumb feature that you can use to automatically collect your Satoshis every few hours. By signing into your Bitcoin app, you’re telling your app to start collecting. Then, every few hours, you can come back to your app and collect as many Satoshis as your app hasn’t already collected.


BitCoinBoom is yet another free Bitcoin faucet app that’s currently giving away free Bitcoin in exchange for watching videos, taking surveys, and even playing games. If you’re familiar with the website BuzzBin, then you’ve already used BitCoinBoom. BuzzBin is exactly what it sounds like – a website where you can “buzz” other websites by viewing advertisements and getting rewarded with free Bitcoin.

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To claim your free Satoshis on BitCoinBoom, first sign up for the app using your email address and then visit the “Earn Bitcoin” tab. From there, you can choose from several different ways to earn Bitcoin, with video views being the most popular. You can also opt to join a survey or play games to earn Bitcoin, or you can even purchase Bitcoin using PayPal.


This is one of our favorite Bitcoin apps because it’s currently giving away $40 worth of free Bitcoin every day. It also has a ton of unique features, including the option to select your payment method, daily contest with cash prizes, and a “social tab” where you can interact with other users. There are three ways to claim your free Satoshis on BtcNow.


The first is to open an account, deposit funds into your account as normal, and then withdraw those funds to your own Bitcoin app once you’ve opened your account. If you don’t want to open an account, you can also make use of their referral program. Sign up using your email address and then invite your friends to sign up as well. Once they’ve signed up, all you have to do is withdraw your Bitcoin to your own Bitcoin app.

Last, but certainly not least, we have This is another Bitcoin app that’s currently giving away $40 worth of free Bitcoin every week. It also has an “instant win” feature that helps you maximize your earnings, and a “cash out” feature that lets you sell your Bitcoin for cash. With, there are two ways to collect your free Satoshis.

The first is to open an account and deposit funds like you would any other Bitcoin trading platform. Once that process is complete, you can then withdraw those funds to your Bitcoin app. The second way to collect your Satoshis is to use their “free” tab. From there, you can earn Bitcoin by either watching videos, taking surveys, or even by referring friends.

Simple Bitcoin Income

Finally, we have Simple Bitcoin Income. This Bitcoin faucet is currently giving away free Bitcoin in exchange for free trials of popular software. It’s also worth noting that it’s the only Bitcoin faucet app that gives you the option to opt-in to push notifications. From there, once you’ve downloaded the software you were trying to test, head over to the “Earn Bitcoin” tab and start collecting your free Satoshis. also has a unique way of rewarding its users.

Every six hours, it gives away between $10-$20 in Bitcoin. That amount changes depending on how many people sign up for the program, so we recommend signing up as soon as you can to maximize your earnings.

Join Today!

Now that you know how to make $39 in FREE Bitcoin every 12 hours, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge to use and make some money. There are limitless ways to make money with Bitcoin, so don’t be afraid to experiment. You can start by trying one of the many Bitcoin apps that are currently giving away free Bitcoin. If you don’t like that one, try another one, and eventually you’ll find one you love. Another great way to make money with Bitcoin is by investing.

Instead of just sitting on your hands and hoping the value of Bitcoin keeps going up, you can actually take action and invest your money into a legitimate Bitcoin fund. If you want to take your earnings a step further, you can even turn your Bitcoin profit into a traditional profit by opening a savings account at one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges that operate as a stock exchange.

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